Favorite Spaces: Little Bear LA

Incredible interiors at Little Bear LA. Photo by Élan Klein (elankleinphoto.com)
Industrial furnishings. Photo by Élan Klein (elankleinphoto.com)
Bloody Marys + Moules Frites at Little Bear LA. Photo by Élan Klein (elankleinphoto.com)
Bar mate. Photo by Élan Klein (elankleinphoto.com)

Photos from one of my favorite local gems: Little Bear in DTLA.  If you are a fan of Belgian brews or moules frites, a stop here is an absolute must.  You can check out their mouthwatering offerings here.

I am grateful to live in such a vibrant, diverse, and unique city, and for all of the wonderful experiences living here affords us.  I am so thankful for so many things this holiday, and I wish you and your loved ones a Thanksgiving full of laughter and warmth.

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